mentorship programs

At More Than An Addict, we're developing a network for the recovery community filled with mentors and mentees, pursuing their dreams of going to school, getting a job or starting a company, all within the principles of recovery.  Whether you want to be mentored or want to mentor others, we have a variety of opportunities for you to join the movement of bringing recovery to the workforce.
All of our programs offer guidance and support from our daily staff, helping both mentors and mentees have the best experience possible. In the mentorship program, mentors and mentees will meet virtually or in-person at least once per month to discuss the mentees goals, develop a learning agenda or goal plan, and discuss topics like qualities of leadership, how to write a business plan, resume tips and more. In addition to these pointed conversations, mentees will be offered support, skills assessments and resources for resume writing, educational resources, online courses, business skills and more.

kickstart program

The Kickstart Program is designed for individuals who are under 1 year sober and are looking to get their career or education back on track. INdividuals in the Kickstart Program can expect to meet with their mentor monthly, have regular support from our daily staff, and be provided with a variety of resources to start the process of going back to school, starting a business, or finding a rewarding job or career. 

growth program

The Growth Program is designed for individuals who are between 1-2 years sober and who are looking to take their career, education or business to the next level. In the Growth Program, you'll be paired with a mentor who has the skills and maturity to help you grow as a professional, student or entrepreneur, meeting with you monthly to help you reach your goals. In addition to mentorship, funding opportunities may be available for your application, including scholarships, microloans and awards.


The Catalyst Program is for students, entrepreneurs and professionals who are 2 or more years sober and are looking to continue launching their career, education or business. In Catalyst, you'll be paired with a knowledgeable mentor, have the opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals, and will be eligible to apply for funding opportunities that may include scholarships, microloans, awards, grants and venture capital.

To become a mentor or join for one of our programs, apply below.

For mentors

More Than An Addict is looking for dedicated and passionate individuals who are at a place of maturity in their recovery and in their career or entrepreneurial endeavors. The ideal candidate will be willing to sacrifice a few hours per month to help individuals in recovery discover their passions, make connections, build their skills and actively pursue their passions. If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to become a mentor or referring a mentor, please fill out the form below.

for mentees

Mentorship is available for individuals from all walks of life, at any stage of recovery. If you would like to be mentored by others to help you keep your recovery strong as you pursue education, employment or entrepreneurship, More Than  Addict's mentorship programs are for you. We have three program levels for every stage of recovery: Kickstart, Growth and Catalyst, followed by an alumni network - we hope the community and opportunity you find with More Than An Addict will last the lifetime of your career.