At More Than An Addict, we are tackling addiction stigma in an innovative way. We are helping individuals in long-term recovery from addiction step into their new identity as more than an a valued members of society with much to offer. And, we’re telling the world about these success stories in hopes of shedding a new light on those in recovery and, in doing so, encouraging more individuals to believe that they, too, can be more than an addict.

By promoting education, employment, and entrepreneurship, we’re changing the story about what’s possible in recovery. We’re telling this story to anyone who’ll listen. And, we’re making good on our talk by providing grants, scholarships, microloans and venture capital to people in long-term recovery.

Who are the faces of this new movement? They are your father, mother, brother, sister, coworker, and friend. They are bankers, doctors, lawyers, salesmen, saleswomen, waiters, waitresses, entrepreneurs, stylists, athletes, scientists, tech gurus, chefs, musicians, and much more. Many individuals in recovery have discovered that they are, without a doubt, more than addicts. They’ve proven that addicts can and do recover, and when they do, they become powerful, vital, and meaningful forces in society. We want to help more people realize this and help to celebrate those that have paved the way. By providing the funding to allow individuals to reach the potential of their next chapter, we are seeking to promote the true identities of those in the recovery community.

How can you help? Learn about our programs, engage with us during our campaigns, and get in touch with us for opportunities on how you can get involved in the movement of More Than An Addict.

We are currently raising funds so we can open applications to begin providing financial support in 2016.
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Funding Available

Two funding opportunities are available for individuals in recovery residing in Southeast Minnesota in 2017. Applications are now open and will close on November 11, 2016.