On Friday, November 11th, applications will close for More Than An Addict’s first round of entrepreneurial and scholarship funding. It has been our organization’s goal from the very beginning to empower individuals in recovery by providing opportunities in education, employment and entrepreneurship. We believe in whole-person recovery – your career, education and ambitions matter in your life and recovery journey, and we want to help you reach your goals.

In a world where addiction carries the burden of stigma, it can be difficult to be in recovery and pursue an ambitious career or to take the next step of going back to school. Our effort is said best in our name – More Than An Addict. Aside from our mission of providing resources and empowering individuals in recovery in their careers and education, we want to end the vicious stigma that is societally placed on those struggling with addiction or those in recovery – you are more than the label of ‘addict.’ You are capable, worthy and empowered to chase after all that life has for you after addiction. You are more than an addict.  

There will be two selected applicants – one who will receive a $1,000 scholarship and one who will receive a 1-year membership to Collider Core, a co-working and entrepreneurial incubator to grow an idea or business throughout 2017. Full application criteria and requirements can be found here.

If you need convincing on why this round of funding is right for you, here are five reasons to apply:

  1. You will grow personally and professionally.
    The program is intended help individuals with both financial resources to pursue education or entrepreneurship, as well as build the leadership and tactical training to help you make the most of your education and entrepreneurship. There is no doubt you’ll grow throughout your time in our program, and you’ll be equipped with lessons to benefit you throughout your career.
  2. You’ll experience meaningful mentorship.
    Our mentors are excited and ready to work with the applicants we choose to fund. Mentors will be experienced business owners and recovery professionals who believe in the recovery community and are going to invest their time, advice and mentorship in our chosen applicants throughout the duration of programming.
  3. Your recovery will tell a story.
    In the midst of being offered an amazing career opportunity, one of our board members once said it best – “I used to be homeless.” With tears in his eyes, he recalled the power of what recovery gave him: a job, a family, a home, an education. Your recovery has the power to tell the same story, to you and to the world. Recovery is transformative, and every day your career and journey will continue to tell a story of the life-giving hope in recovery.
  4. You’ll be empowered to pursue your dreams with a support network around you.
    Humans are designed for connection and community. This experience will not lack those important attributes of humanity, recovery and professionalism. With a mentor, the More Than An Addict team, peer-recovery specialists and groups hosted by our programming partner, Recovery Is Happening, you’ll have an extensive network beside you to support you during your experience.
  5. You’ll be a testament to the power of recovery.
    Your story, your experience and your ambitions are a testament to the transformative work and power of recovery. The fact that former felons can become successful business owners and the once homeless can become college-educated professionals shows that the grips of addiction does not have to be the end of your story. For all who are still struggling, your story and experience will continue to show others the hope that exists on the other side of addiction.

Convinced? We hope so. Funding will be dispersed in January 2017, but the winners will be notified in December 2016. So, if these opportunities apply to you, take a risk and partner with our team to grow your education or business idea this year.

With any questions, you can contact our team at info@morethananaddict.org. We believe in you and can’t wait to meet you!