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Mentorship is powerful. By becoming a mentor for More Than An Addict, you're investing in a powerful community of people - the recovery community. Your investment in the lives of those recovering from addiction helps empower individuals to chase after their dreams, fight against hurtful stigma, and effectively tell the true story of what recovery can bring and how it can benefit our society and the workforce. 

By becoming a mentor, you're willing to...

  • Meet with your mentees at least one time per month, per mentee.
  • Volunteer your time to help others grow in areas of education, employment and entrepreneurship. 
  • Share your story and empower others to do the same.

By becoming a mentor, you'll benefit by...

  • Opportunities to share your story or your company's story on our platform.
  • Ability to network with other entrepreneurs, academics or professionals within our mentor network.
  • Ability to sponsor or host webinars, classes, seminars, white papers, etc.

Mentor Requirements:

  • In active recovery for 2 or more years
  • 5-20 years’ experience in professional field or startup/business at a place of maturity*
  • Willing to mentor at least one individuals on a regular basis, including a minimum of one hour per month

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Mentors will be required to meet with their mentees at least once per month for one hour. Phone calls and check-ins with the More Than An Addict team may be required.